electrohead: A sign I found on FA that amused me. (Deerpeople crossing)

This is the ruin of silence.

All that remains are the empty door frames.

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Name:Electrohead the something or other
Birthdate:Apr 30, 1986
Location:Wisconsin, United States of America
I am a unique little replica of everyone I've ever met, fucked, fallen in love with, or have made contact with. I am unoriginal and completely plastic and therefore you should seek cautious manners when dealing with my kind because you will never truly understand the conundrum that I try to direct towards your face. Take nothing I say at full face value, most times my words can be discounted if you clip coupons.

I am me and several other things. I'm nothing and something. I'm everyone and everything and nothing that's important. I am me and more. I am this and that, something or other. This journal will be both private and public depending on my fixation of entry or how much i really want to put out there. i swing between grammatically structured and decent capitalization andslashor writing like i talk, so tolerance is a must.

I'm in no fucking way "PC" when it comes to my rants, raves, and whatevers. i use idioms like idiom, fag, queer, and 'fucking' (and on occassion 'cunting') to describe shit as i see fit. that is not to say that i do not support homosexual-anything, because i myself am transgender (dude in a female's body, yo) and in a complicated relationship that doesn't need to be described here (it's called a journal for a reason).

i am fascinated by many things and consider myself an artist. i draw, sketch, work with paint and stones and dead animal pieces and metal andandand, other shit.

i just ran over all the xerox copies myself in the left hand lane, so please buckle up and apply pressure when needed. it's all in perfect sequence. add or not, just let me know if you do because otherwise i'll be totally fucking oblivious to the new addition---so be decent and note me or comment or yaddayadda.

Interests (67):

a'det pea', animal connections, animals, antlers and bones, artwork, artz, bdsm, body inflation, bunnies!, caffeine, can't see the top, carcass art, cartooning, cervine connections, cervines, combichrist, dead animal parts, deer, dismantled, drawing, elk, feel good movies, fetish, fetishes, fiction, fuck my fucking job, furries, furry lifestyle, fursuiting, gore and guts and..., harry potter, horror, horses, hyenas, industrial music, inkage, kangaroos, kinks, kinks and getting off, lapine language, line art, liquid latex, masturbation, moose, nail polish, omgfurry, painting, rabbits, red fox, repeating your name, sex, sketching, sober lifestyle, specific bands just ask, spirit animals, stompy angsty industrial music, tattooing, tattoos, taxidermy, tine lore, unicorns, video games, weight watchers, weird hairstyles, weird shit happening now, white-tailed deer, writing
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