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Aah, sweet vacation time has come to a close. This is most unfortunate, as my roommate doesn't have to return to the enslavement-hive with me today, as he has an unpaid day. I shall be alone against all woe and isolation by myself. O, tragedy.

This weekend was a mess of fun and sometimes just a mess. We managed to do the mundane things like laundry and clean, and then we created a giant mess in the kitchen concerning fake blood. I think I unintentionally consumed two pints of the sugary redness in my enthusiasm to appear like a bloody mangled freeway fatality. Of course, the pulse of music was just too great not to surrender myself to and under the faint spell of bass-line throbbing and whispered lyrics I utterly let myself Become. It was one grand experience.

I covered my legs in latex yesterday to pass the time and my cat Seben rubbed up on my liquid-semi-drying-covered-leg. Poor dear acquired a tailful of black latex and I had to play doctor to a somewhat annoyed cat to try and cut out the tufts of fur restricted by the latex. She came out unscathed, as well as I (at least I had hoped she was patient with me, she did not snarl nor hiss, spit or claw at me, she only laid there on the floor looking sour). After a successful "surgery" she laid in front of the fan and I removed my latex---which I had managed to keep on sans tearing or disfigure during this whole process. It was delightfully relieving to remove it, for underneath the rubberlayer my human skin was beginning to rise in temperature. It was awfully hot outside this past weekend, and I'm afraid to admit that my movement was restricted from bedroom, in front of fan, to couch, to fridge for some water. So I plan on walking after work for the rest of the week around the route. Hopefully at night it'll be a little bit cooler.

Watched the fireworks last night. It was delightful. Usually the noise isn't my strongpoint, but the dazzling light display was amazing. They had some new models this year that looked faint, like shimmering tinsel, and I much enjoyed those bursts of colour against the velvet black sky.

I've been avidly (rererere)reading The Passion by Donna Boyd. I love her way of words and the subject matter (werewolves). Unfortunately, she misuses the term 'trepidation', in the first two chapters she used it four times. It also makes me feel more Matise/Brianna inclined. I do love the story of Alexander, however. Such a mix of sensory adventures. A good read if I do say so.

I hope to go to the post to send out Nire's package and my fathers belated Father's Day gift this Friday. I have a note on my desk that says "Kitaro" and a list of track titles. I do believe this is a band I wanted to look up for a different sound to amuse my long days. I dread going to the enslavement-hive, as our factory is going to be the only one there. How annoying.

I am excited for my work lunch, however. I bought Poptarts to consume up more of my Points for the day. It's been a long time since I've been able to enjoy Poptarts, so it'll be a great treat----replacing my usual sandwich instead. I've supplied the rest of my lunch with a serving of cheese and fruit. So all in all, a good meal I think. And a soda, ha.
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